Flashlights! Nightmares! Sudden Explosions! (imajika) wrote in aim_highly,
Flashlights! Nightmares! Sudden Explosions!

Hey all, I'm Cass. i'm 24 and slightly obsessive about health. I am always trying to find ways to be more healthy and lose weight. I am not extreme heavy-in fact, i havent weighed myself for about a year. The last time i was weight was at Curves, my old gym. I weighed 67.9 kilos and i weighed exactly the same 3 months later when i quit. Of course it didn't help that i worked in a chocolate cafe and went to gym less than twice a week!Anyway my point was, i don't like scales, i believe they only serve to upset people and promote unhealthy weight loss diets, pills and even eating disorders. I am a big fan on tracking loss of body fat and growth of lean muscle tissue which i hope to do using body fat calipers, and taking measurements of my limbs and torso.

My diet/fitness guru is Donna Aston. I own several of her books  and whilst I am not following her diet/excersise reccomendations as rigidly as i would like, her whole outlook of health and fitness really makes sense to me and is reall accissible. I reccommend Donna Aston to all of you wholeheartedly!

After many years of reading about excersise i think i have finally found it in myself to dedicate time towards weight loss. Eating a healthy diet will take some work and I am planning to see a nutritionist within the next month. I plan on walking every day for an hour, doing a small amount of weight baring work at home (using my own body weight not actual weights), attending aqua aerobis 1-2 times per week and joining a weekly group workout class.

My ideal weight (for bmi purposes)  is 55 kilos, though i wont be working towards meeting that number, rather i will be working towards losing fat from my stomach, hips and thighs, toning my muscles, increasing the vitality of my skin and hair and regulating my mentrual/ovulation cycle. I am hoping within 2 months i will go from a size 14/ Large, to a size 12/Medium. I am hoping within 4 months i will have the kind of body i wont be too scared to bare at the beach and I am hoping within 6 months my fertility will be boosted and my husband and I can start trying for a baby!

I am really hoping that within the WEEK my moods will stop swinging all over the place and I will not be so disheartened when my stomch refuses to be held in place by my jeans.

The other day i tried on a new swimsuit for aqua aerobics and I was thrown into a depression as a realised my pasty, dimples, wobbly body makes me unhappier than i'd previously thought. Funny how easily you can forget about your own body , isnt it.

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