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Reached a goal!

A few years back I read a book called Passing for Thin: Losing Half My Weight and Finding My Self, by Frances Kuffel. In it she talked about how much she loved running on the treadmill. I've always avidly avoided the treadmill. I figured that my old joints couldn't take the abuse, but her book struck a chord so I tried it.

It turns out I like jogging. I've done it both on treadmills, tracks and the road. In 2005, when I started jogging, I said that I wanted to do a 5K. It may seem like a rather long time to finally get to the goal of 3.1 miles when people run much further on a daily basis. But for me, overweight, active but not athletic, and a former long-distance bicyclist, it was a challenge.

So last weekend I participated in the "Trout Run" as part of Livingston Manor's Trout Parade. I got a little nervous because they allowed 45 minutes for the 5K and my best time to date was 46 minutes.

I know I'm slow, but I made it and improved my time by three minutes! I'm in costume (an apron and tongs) because my only association with trout is cooking and eating them. I have a house in "Trout Town, USA" but I still haven't gotten around to fly fishing.

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