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hi all

havent seen any updates in this community for a while.  how are you all going with your weight loss and exercise?

a few weeks ago i decided to start measuring my body parts and weighing myself (which i hate doing and try to avoid) in order to try and track any changes in my body.  i originally was only going to do this monthly, but eventually i decided to do it weekly.  this is not because i am obsessed with it or anything, moreso to get an accurate idea of how things are going, since all of us females know that our bodily measurements change over the course of the month.

i am now playing netall twice a week (as opposed to pretty much NO exercise  6 months ago) and am trying to get back on a good eating plan (which will be made a lot easier by me going back to full time work - why is it so expensive to eat healthily and so cheap to eat crap!? *pout*)

so i did the whole thing this morning and got a little bit of a nice surprise.  this is by no means groundbreaking amounts of loss, but i was still happy.  this is over the last three weeks.  although my weight has gone up and so has my upper torso (and my bust is smaller *cries*), everything else is go, go, go!!!

weight: up by 0.5kgs
upper arms: down by 2.5cms
bust: down by 1.5 cms (*booooo*)
upper torso: up by 3 cms
waist: down by 3 cms
hips: down by 0.5 cms
calves: down by 0.5 cms

it's nice to actually see results on paper, even if you cant see them on your body yet.  i'm a bit confused as to why my torso has increased so much (fyi - i take this measurement of my torso just below my boobs) but apart from that i'm happy.  hopefully in another 12 months i will be able to make a graph showing how my body has changed in relation to what i am doing with it and what i am putting into it.  also, i hope to use this data to pinpoint if there is anything i am doing that is getting in my way of my objectives.

hurrah for confirmation that what i am doing is actually working, however gradually.
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