Chel (dynamicgirl) wrote in aim_highly,

Personal training questions

1.  Do you have a personal trainer?
2.  If yes, how often do you see him/her?
3.  If yes, does s/he let you do your own thing (eg. classes) or is it gym work all the time?
4.  If you don't have a personal trainer, have you considered one, or had one in the past?
5.  Any other comments?

I had a personal trainer for the last 3 months of last year.  I saw her once a week, but it was for a fitness challenge I was doing.  Now, I'm out of the challenge and have to decide if I wish to continue.  I had to go to the gym 5 x a week with her, and do what she requested of me.  But I love spinning and pilates, and any spinning, pilates etc was on top of the 5 x at the gym (cardio machines and weights).  I never got to classes, because of time, and I got bored of cardio and weights.  I really want to do spinning once a week and weights once a week as well as work out with her.  I just wonder if it's possible.  Any comments appreciated.
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