Jo-anna (pixiestitched) wrote in aim_highly,

Exersises to tone up flabby Arms

I just printed this out to put up on my wall, thought some people here may be Intrested in it.

Tricep Kickbacks

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet hip-width apart with a slight bend to your knees.
Bend over at the waist so that your torso is slightly above parallel with the floor. Bend both elbows so that your upper arms are locked at your sides parallel to the floor.
Keeping your arms still, straighten your arms behind you until the end of the dumbbell is pointing down toward the floor with your palms facing in towards your body.
Hold for a beat and inhale, slowly lowering your arms back to the starting position, and repeat.
To do this properly, remember to keep your abs tight and your back flat.

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